Cha-cha-cha-chia; Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of the Chia Seed!

“Ch-ch-ch-chia!” Do you remember those commercials where you could grow a plant on an animal statue and because of the chia seeds the plant would grow to be very lush, quickly? Well, who knew these tiny little black seeds, which can not only make a plant grow fast, they are also edible and are an acclaimed “super food.” These seeds have numerous health benefits and... Read Article

Mother’s Day; Your Worth is Immeasurable!

One of the most rewarding and challenging decisions a woman can make is to become a Mother!  If you were to ask several Mom’s what it feels like to be a Mom I am confident you would get quite an array of answers, depending on what time of day, age of children, number of children and much, much more.  However, I imagine most would agree... Read Article

March: National Nutrition Month!

Source March is already here!!  I really feel as if we were just celebrating the new year and ringing in 2015.  With the new year I am sure many of you made the all too familiar new years resolution of losing weight and getting into shape.  Am I right?  Perhaps you are still holding true to that new years resolution, or maybe it fell by... Read Article

Siestas Improve Overall Health; Who Knew Right?

For years we’ve made fun of our CEO and his narcoleptic behaviors.  The man can doze off within seconds in odd positions and practically any location.  Well, apparently he not only knows his insurance, he also knows the importance of a healthy power nap.  So, are we just making this stuff up, or can a nap really be beneficial for our wellbeing? We are all... Read Article