March: National Nutrition Month!

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March is already here!!  I really feel as if we were just celebrating the new year and ringing in 2015.  With the new year I am sure many of you made the all too familiar new years resolution of losing weight and getting into shape.  Am I right?  Perhaps you are still holding true to that new years resolution, or maybe it fell by the wayside as the delicious Valentines candy came rolling in.  No matter your situation we can all jump back on the ban wagon together as we head into March, which is National Nutrition Month.  As your Irvine, California Insurance Company we want to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

I strongly believe that health isn’t simply eating food that taste like cardboard, or exercising till your legs and arms want to fall off.  I am a believer in doing what works for you as an individual and really what is doing best for your complete self; mind, body and spirit.  You may enjoy eating healthy, playing sports, dancing, yoga, being active with your family, or doing kind acts of service for others.  Whichever it may be, they all contribute to your overall health.

I am a lover of food, both healthy and absolute junk foodl.  In our home we’ve been doing our best to eat healthy meals and exercise.  My husband loves to play basketball, while I enjoy running and doing group fitness classes.  Our CEO of Professional Choice Insurance loves punching down those insurance prices for his clients, by taking some boxing classes at the gym.  What are some your favorite ways of staying in shape and taking care of your body?

If you are looking for a delicious, healthy recipe to start off your week and month you will absolutely love this foil, Italian chicken recipe.  I made this for my family and they loved it!  I also made these with fish and equally as incredible.


Give us a call today and we can talk to you about the heath insurance coverage you, or your business may need.  Cheers to staying happy and healthy!