Mother’s Day; Your Worth is Immeasurable!

10253779_762215030489218_5579433234677464491_nOne of the most rewarding and challenging decisions a woman can make is to become a Mother!  If you were to ask several Mom’s what it feels like to be a Mom I am confident you would get quite an array of answers, depending on what time of day, age of children, number of children and much, much more.  However, I imagine most would agree that the love you have for your child is truly immeasurable and at times you feel as if your heart is going to burst with love, joy, pride and happiness for your children.  I am also certain at other moments Mom’s are very grateful for that nearby pillow they are able to scream in, or the ear plugs on their night stand ;).  There really is no monetary value one could place on the many tasks a Mom performs.  Since Mother’s Day is upon us however, it would be fun to see what a Mother’s Day paycheck could look like if slipped into her annual Mother’s Day card.

Recently wrote a fun article titled, “What’s Mom Worth? It’s More than you Think.”  The article broke down the various daily responsibilities of a Mom and what they would get paid for them outside the home.

  • Janitor – Talk about an episode of Dirty Jobs.  Annual Salary $20,100
  • Professional (this term should be used lightly for some of us Moms 😉 ) Cook – Annual Salary $27,300
  • Psychologist – Annual Salary: $76,100
  • Laundry Operator (“wash, dry, fold, repeat”) – Annual Salary: $20,000
  • Chauffer- Annual Salary: $30,700
  • Computer Operator – Annual Salary: $31,800
  • Facilities Manager – Annual Salary: $65,300
  • Day Care Provider/Teacher – Annual Salary: $27,000
  • House Keeper – Annual Salary: $20,500
  • Chief Executive Officer – Annual Salary: $156,400

According to, “Stay-at-home moms work an average of 96.6 hours per week. Working moms do ‘mom jobs’ 55.9 hours per week — in addition to their regular jobs!  So what would mom’s paycheck look like? Factoring in time and a half for overtime, stay-at-home moms would earn $115,431 a year, while working moms would earn $63,471.”

While it is amusing to see the fiscal value of what a Mother carry’s out on a daily basis, a Mother’s true “paycheck” lye’s in the happiness of her children.  Professional Choice Insurance is sincerely grateful for all of you Mom’s out there.  What you do at times is drastically underrated, overlooked and taken for granted, yet the results of your dedication to your little ones day in and day out will have an impact that last forever.  Thank You and have a very Happy Mother’s Day!