Keep it Safe this Spring Break!


Spring Break has arrived, which means it’s time to get out and indulge in the beautiful weather.  Many will be hitting up the beautiful California beaches, others may take off for a little vacation getaway, and I am sure many will be partaking in the amazing fun parks that encircle us.  As Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, or Caregivers, we are always concerned about the safety of our children, especially when they may be attending these festivities without us. Although we would like to be able to protect them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s simply not possible.  All too often we unfortunately hear about a child and/or teenager being kidnapped.  So, what are some steps we can take in order to teach our children to safeguard themselves when we cannot be with them?

Recently in Solana Beach, California a man attempted to take a 7 year old little girl from school.  The little girl was very prepared and screamed as the man tried to abduct her, therefore the man ran away immediately.  In response to this incident the Solana Beach School District sent out an email with safety tips for parents that we thought to share with all of you:

  • Make sure your children are walking to and from school in a group and/or with an adult supervising.
  • Remind your child to never talk to strangers. If someone approaches them in any way, they should not talk to the person but immediately scream loudly and run to the school, nearest adult they know, neighbor’s house, etc.
  • Do not take shortcuts or different routes to or from school. Have a plan and make sure your children know you expect them to walk with friends and a certain route every day.
  • Report any unusual occurrences to the school office. We have an extensive network whereby we notify all other schools and they also notify our district so we can keep our children safe.
  • If you see a vehicle or an individual that looks “out of place” or suspicious, write down the license number and a brief description of the car and person. The police do follow-up on this information and they need our help.

Since your children will most likely be attending different events other than school there are additional precautions you can take and discussions you can have with your children.  Prior to going to a crowded fun park tell your children what to do if they get lost.  Tell them to find a woman with children, or an individual dressed in a uniform to let them know they are lost.  I’ve taught my children to also memorize my phone number.  It may sound silly, however you can even go to your local pet store and have actual tags made with your contact information and attach them to your child’s clothing.

Additionally, one of our clients and Preferred Vendors is Pocket Finder, a company that provides GPS devices for children, pets and businesses.  Finally, a company Play It Safe offers one time, or continual classes for kids, teens and adults on how to defend themselves.  You can also contact your local taekwando, or karate studios for self defense classes they offer.

When it comes to the safety of your children you cannot be too careful!  Professional Choice Insurance truly cares about your well being and that of your families.  We hope that you have a fabulous Spring Break!!!

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