Employee Self-Service Portal

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Employee self-service in Irvine CaliforinaThe Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) is the best way to communicate and disseminate information to your employees. ESS will streamline the communication between your company and your employees by providing a secure online portal that is fully integrated with PlatinumPay, your payroll system. ESS is where your employees can access all their personal employee data and all company-specific information you would like to share.

Pay StubsPaystubs – Give employees real-time access to their paystubs online. This feature saves paper, time, and expense versus using paper paystubs. Employees can be confident that their paystub information is private and secure.

Payroll History Reports – Your employees will have 24/7 access to their payroll history. They will be able to utilize various reports that assist them with understanding their payroll information. These reports include year-to-date payroll totals, payroll tax totals, deduction totals, and more. This feature will eliminate employee requests for this information from your manager.

Edit Employee DataEdit Employee Data – Your manager will be able to direct your employees to update their own personal information on the ESS eliminating time-consuming change requests. Employees can change address, contact, and demographic information which are automatically updated in PlatinumPay.

Employee-Specific Documents – Manage all your employee-related documents in one place using the PlatinumPay document manager. Then make those documents accessible on the ESS. These documents could be w-4 or w-9 forms, performance evaluations, employee contracts, and any other document you want to share with your employee.

Employee and Company Wide FilesCompany-Wide Documents – Upload your company-wide documents you want to share with your employees using the PlatinumPay document manager. Then share them with your employees on the ESS. Some of the documents you may want to share may include employee handbook, benefit descriptions, reward programs, and other custom documents.

Custom Web Links
– Provide your employees with web links to important web sites and information they may need to access. You can add as many links as you would like and to any web site you desire on the ESS. Examples may include a link to a provider directory for your health plan, an employee assistance program, or to your employee benefits broker.

empower your managersManager Center – Empower your managers by giving them administration access to the ESS. Managers will be able to view their employees’ information, documents, links, and reports-all from one login. You are also able to share manager-only documents and links with your managers on the ESS.

March 18th, 2014 by Professional Choice Insurance